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Meet Dr. Anderson 

Personal Biography

Dr. Anderson knew from the tender age of 4 that she wanted to be a doctor.  She wanted to help people find the best in themselves and to help them.  All her life she has strived to help others and to learn medicine to help facilitate that.  Dr. Anderson is a single mother of a 7 year old daughter whom she loves very much.  They are now part of a combined family which is very loving and nurturing.  Many times Dr. Anderson has answered a patients call in the evening with the girls running around in the background, but always understanding that mom is helping others be healthy and happy.

As a family we try to live a clean and green life as well.  Where possible, we shop at local farmers markets, eat organic food and generally try to lower our footprint on this earth for the next seven generations.  

“In every deliberation, we must consider the impact on the seventh generation... even if it requires having skin as thick as the bark of a pine.”~Great Law of the Iroquois

When we release all our chemicals onto this earth, we poison many future generations.  Therefore, I do what I can to leave the earth better for my daughter than when I was brought into this world.  By each of us lower out imprint on this earth we make it better for our children and other future generations.  

For relaxation and atonement with nature, I love to hike and be out in nature.  I enjoy being with my daughter and helping her learn the world we live in.  When possible I spend time by the water to listen and feel the purity and freshness of the world we live in.  Since I live in a high mountain desert, water is not a daily occurrence, but when possible, I am always drawn to the water and the healing properties it brings.  I do enjoy soaking in natural hot springs, as there are many to be found in the southwest of the US.

Overall, I enjoy the time with my family and being in nature as often as possible.  Please join me in supporting nature, walking in the fresh grass and breathing the fresh air deep into your lungs on a daily basis.  I wish you good health, long life and happiness beyond belief.

Professional Biography

Kristy Anderson, ND is a highly educated, scientific evidence based, caring physician.  Her personal attributes include an ear to really listen to patients and understand the deeper meaning of their conditions.  She cares for the patients and gets to the root of the issue quickly to resolve the health issues and not simply cover the symptoms.  She is a self-motivated, organized individual who excels in multiple areas of medicine.  Her interest in the clinical research field for integrative medicine, has allowed her to consult with international companies to facilitate their research goals.  Her experience in the integrative pharmaceutical industry has expanded her clinical medical experiences and therefore enables her to work in many areas of the medical industry, including medical consulting, research consulting and private patient practice. Dr. Kristy Anderson is an alumnus of SCNM and is a licensed naturopathic physician in Arizona.  Currently she practices medicine in Phoenix, AZ where she is an integral member of two prestigious medical practices with other integrative practitioners.  Dr. Anderson’s focus is on pain management, environmental toxicities, naturopathic oncology and lifestyle wellness with functional medicine.  As the former Medical Advisor for Heel Inc., a global leader in combination homeopathic pharmaceuticals, Dr. Anderson gave numerous lectures and training's nationally and internationally to the integrative medical community.  She has also supervised and coordinated in the largest double-blind, placebo controlled study of injectable homeopathic medications ever undertaken globally.  Dr. Anderson consults for the natural products industry as an integrative medical expert; along with establishing a peer-to-peer integrative medical consultation service in which she educates physicians and staff to help them establish various integrative therapies within their current paradigm of patient management.  Dr. Anderson has studied and traveled through Europe and also trained stateside with world-renowned physicians on such modalities as Biopuncture, mesotherapy, various injection techniques, integrative oncology treatments, immunotherapy education, homeopathic medications and many others specific for pain management.  This education has enabled her bring the global knowledge and latest developments from around the globe to her patients & consulting physicians on a daily basis to help bring about health and knowledge. 

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