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Dr. Anderson's Dispensary

Our dispensary provides you with instant access to thousands of products from over 250 of the world's top brands. These professional-grade supplements maintain the highest industry standards when it comes to raw materials used, manufacturing standards, along with rigorous product and purity testing.

Convenient Ordering

Ordering through Dr. Anderson's dispensary means there is no need to drive around town to local health food stores trying to find the products that were recommended for you. You can quickly order from any computer and be confident that you will receive your order at home or work within a few days.

You will recieve a 5% discount off MSRP

when you use Dr. Anderson's Dispensary.

If you've had a consult with Dr. Anderson, your recommended products will be waiting for you when you log in.

If you have questions about Dr. Anderson's Dispensary, Naturopathic medicine or the various health services offered,
please feel free to contact Dr. Anderson.