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Only you can make a change to your current state of health.  You are capable of anything you put your mind & soul into.
~ Dr. Kristy Anderson 

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver
~ Mahatma Gandhi 

To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear
~ Buddha 

The way you think, the way you behave, the way you eat, can influence your life by 30 to 50 years.
~ Deepak Chopra

Change your thoughts - change your life
~ Dr. Kristy Anderson 

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Integrative Medicine 

If you want to be respected as an individual with unique health goals then you have found the right physician for your health goals.  Dr. Anderson aims to allow you to reach your highest health goals and do so in an individualized health plan structure that works with YOUR personal life and your challenges.  We look to give the body correct information and allow it to heal on its own.  We have survived for millions of years, in some of the worst conditions with only our innate intelligence.  Therefore, our bodies have proven over the millennia that it can take care of itself and bring about a healthy resolution if only given the correct catalysts.  These catalysts are the health plan that we mutually create for you, a unique individual.  

To achieve the optimal you, call us for an appointment today.  

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Integrative Health care 

Integrative care combines the best of conventional medicine and philosophies from medical systems that span the globe and have been used for centuries.  We will focus on you, the individual to bring about health.  

Health is the greatest possession. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend. Non-being is the greatest joy. ~Lao Tzu 

Pain Management

We all have the acute pains, some of us live with daily pain.  Whether it is acute or chronic (ongoing for 6 months or more), we will work to help reduce the pain, reduce any conventional medications you are currently taking and bring you back to a state of health where you can live pain-free.  We do this by using various injection therapies, supplements, botanical medicines, exercises, lifestyle adaptions, mind-body integration and others therapies.  If we feel happy, we are happy.  Lowering your dependency on conventional pain medications frees the mind and the emotions and allows you to have free life once more, that involves activities with family and friends and freedom my medications that are laden with side effects and reduce the quality of our lives. We offer effective, science based therapies that are proven to work for acute and chronic pain conditions of various origins.  

Environmental toxins and exposure


Feeling tired?  Feeling low or depressed?  Are you over reactive to your environment? Do you have trouble or feel awful when there are strong odors around? 

You may be overloaded by our daily toxic environment.  We live in a world that is full of chemicals, heavy metals and pollutants.  

We all try to do something "green" or environmentally friendly.  If you would like to lower your carbon footprint and lead a cleaner, greener life that gives you a longer life, lowers your risk of certain cancers and makes you feel more vital with energy and stamina to challenge today's modern stresses, then Dr. Anderson can help you.    

Dr. Anderson has studied with some of the leading experts in the field of environmental medicine to bring you the knowledge and expertise to deal with all your toxicity and detoxification health issues.  She has developed the knowledge to help identify what issues you may be having and why.  First, we will assess your daily exposure and intake of toxins. Second, we will help you develop a cleaner, greener lifestyle. Thirdly, we will help your body process and excrete your current toxic load.  Lastly, we will help you lead a happy, healthy, long life & lower your environmental and carbon footprint.

Dr. Anderson utilizes the latest therapies to address this area of health

  • IV therapy
  • Nutrient replacement
  • Oral therapy
  • Lifestyle management 

Our Toxic World - Do you want to limit your daily passive toxic intake or get rid of the toxic load from your decades of living?

The world we live in today is highly toxic from the food we eat, to the air we breathe.  

We start by completing a thorough environmental health history and this provides you a great snap-shot of here you stand with toxicity and expose over your decades of life. From there we look at your current environment and offer testing if we feel it is necessary.  Dr. Anderson's goal is to clean the body, thereby reducing carcinogenic materials in the body, increasing energy & immune function and restoring the body to overall health.  Many chronic conditions including but not limited to chronic pain and fatigue conditions, rapid aging, autoimmune diseases, cancers, infertility, cardiovascular disease and many other disease states are linked to environmental toxicity.  Help restore your body to a pristine environment and you will soon feel the difference in your everyday life.  

​Preventive Health and Wellness 

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching 

To help lead a healthy life, we need to keep you healthy.  We will explore ways to increase the ability of the immune system to naturally fight pathogens (disease causing organisms, like bacteria and virus).  If you have a healthy immune system you are less likely to get sick in the first place and if you do get sick, the duration and intensity of the illness is much less.  Therefore "a stitch in time, saves nine."  This saying was true for people that had a very limited wardrobe, but it also works for your immune system.  A little tune-up now, can save you a week later when everyone else is sick and you feel great! Let us help you achieve your optimal health and stay healthy all season long.

Your Health & Wellness - you can't afford to live without it.  Let us make you feel like a million bucks!

Therapies include:

  • Optimal nutritional supplementation
  • Lifestyle management - a way of life you can life with & can't afford to live without
  • Exercise with professional personal trainers
  • IV therapies 
  • Hormone regulation - male & female hormone optimization 
  • and many of the other therapies you find listed here 

Specialty Laboratory Testing

Are you taking the correct supplements?  Do you know what vitamins and minerals you really need?  Are your hormones in proper proportion in your body?  

Dr. Anderson and the staff of other physicians and practitioners that she works with have researched and sought out the most qualified, scientifically based labs.  There is a science to laboratory testing and making sure each lab is up to standard and adhering to the latest in scientific data is of utmost importance to Dr. Anderson the the staff at each location.  

We offer the best in scientifically proven, clinically effective laboratory testing.  You are sure to receive the highest quality lab testing with scientific validity and reproducability.  Some of the various laboratory testing that we offer, are as follows:

  • Complete blood count & complete metabolic panel
  • Thyroid testing - including free fractions, auto antibodies and more
  • Adrenal function & adrenal hormone 
  • Hormone testing - complete panels for males & females
  • Inflammatory markers
  • Neurotransmitters
  • Cancer markers
  • Genetic mutations & genomic pathways
  • Heavy metals
  • Environmental pollutants - PCB, PAH, phthalates, BPA, etc. 
  • Gastrointestinal function and flora, including stool testing 
  • Nutritional constituents in the blood 
  • Food sensitivity testing (IgG, IgE, IgA)
  • Cardiovascular disease markers - cholesterol, etc. 
  • Immune system function 
  • .....many others - you are a unique individual and we customize laboratory testing to fit your individuality 

Anti-aging and Functional Medicine

Anti-aging medicine is the art and science of detecting, preventing and treating age related disease states, disorders and dysfunction in the body.  As we age, our bodies change, therefore the science of anti-aging medicine is the forerunner on researching and promoting methods to slow down and optimize for better health and longevity the aging process.  We certainly can not stop mother nature, but we can grow older more gracefully.  Dr. Anderson studies the science and cutting edge technologies to support you in the aging process.  Who says you have to look a day over 29!

​The physicians at the clinic, as well as the other health care staff work together to provide each patient with a personal assessment and then customize an anti-aging lifestyle plan.  The plan incorporates all aspects of individualized health and wellness including laboratory testing, nutritional supplementation, exercise routines, aesthetics medicine and procedures, detoxification and possibly many other modalities.   Our goal is to provide each patient with the latest in scientific research and outcomes based therapies for focused early detection, prevention and treatment of age related decline in the body.    

Another aspect of anti-aging medicine is regenerative or restorative therapies.  Some of these therapies include:
  • ​Stem cell therapies
  • Genomics & genetic anomalies 
  • Light, electromagnetic and laser therapies 

Together we utilize the most advanced technologies and research available to deliver cutting edge therapies in anti-aging and regenerative medicine to improve quality of life and lifespan.  We want you to lead a happy, healthy and full life, looking and feeling your best ever!

For Peer-to-Peer Medical Professional Consultation 

Integrative Medical Model Establishment

for your Current Practice

Convert your current practice into an integrative medical practice for your patients 

Interested in establishing an integrative medical practice, but don't know where to start or don't have time to set it up?  Look no further!  As a naturopathic physician well versed in complementary and alternative medicine, Kristy Anderson, ND is ideally suited to consult with you and set up an entire integrative medical practice within your current facility and using your current and familiar paradigm for patient management and treatment.  


Kristy Anderson, ND, has worked in the integrative medical & natural products industry for over 10 years now and is familiar with various models of medical practices and medical professionals.  Kristy has worked with all types of medical professionals, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Medical physicians (MD)
  • Osteopathic physicians (DO)
  • Naturopathic physicians (ND)
  • Chiropractors (DC)
  • Acupuncturists and Doctors of Oriental Medicine (LAc/DOM)
  • Physical & occupational therapies (PT/DPT)
  • Massage therapies (LMT) & other body workers

As a physician herself, she is well suited to approach the transition to integrative medicine from your current paradigm and set-up of the medical office.  Kristy will consult with your office managers and staff, along with the partners within the practice to find the main objective and the best approach to integrative natural medicine into your practice setting.  Whether it is just a way to integrate simple vitamins and minerals into your patients routine, or all the way to establishing a complete medicinary within your clinic, Kristy will be your guide and will provide you with the expertise, the time and the resources in which to create a full integrative medical clinic within your current practice.  

Virtual / Online medicinary (dispensary) 

There is also an option for establishing an online medicinary or virtual medicinary for your patients that office staff, other than the physician, can be educated on and help navigate the patients to this online medicinary.  The benefits of a virtual medicinary / dispensary, is that you don't have to make space within the office or carry the monetary weight of stocking shelves to have products always on hand for patients.  This also allows patients to purchase other products which you may not carry on a daily basis within the office.  You can narrow the virtual medicinary to only products that you prescribe for patients or you can allow the patients to choose from thousands of products that are within the natural products industry.  There are methods of reaching patients by email for their prescription and reminders when the product is running out and prompts for them to renew.  This is very similar to the array of services offered by a high end pharmacy that caters to patients with home delivery, refill reminders and other services; however, this is direct from your office and all for the natural supplements and products you are offering to patients in your integrative medical clinic.  The best part is that you, the office, still get to make a profit on the supplements the patients purchase and no office space lost and no shelves to stock with inventory.  To find out more about a virtual or online medicinary set-up for your integrative medical practice, please contact Kristy Anderson, ND.  This service can also be part of the entire integrative medical conversion for the practice or just a single additional service offered to your current patients already in an integrative medical clinic.     

Medical Consultation for Physicians

  • Looking for a resource for additional education within integrative medicine?  
  • Don't have time to leave your busy practice to attend training sessions?
  • Have just a few simple questions or need some additional resources to complete a lecture you comprise?

Look no further - Kristy Anderson, ND, naturopathic physician is your resource.  Your one-stop-shop for most integrative medical inquiries.

If you just need some peer-to-peer direction on a new nutritional supplement you have heard about and don’t have time to thoroughly review it before prescribing it to your patients, simply contact Kristy for her to review and report back to you with a full, concise report, that you can review in minutes, rather than spending hours of your valuable time researching a supplement and away from generating income by seeing patients or spending time with your family after hours.  Let us do the leg-work for you and get professional results every time to allow you to have all the knowledge at your
fingertips without all the hours spent gathering the data.  

Give yourself the depth of knowledge you would gain from attending a weekend seminar away from home, in just a matter of hours after reading or consulting with Kristy on the topic.  Spend a fraction of your resources and still acquire all the knowledge.

  • Want to learn a new procedure, but don't want to or can't leave your practice?

AltMedND, has your answers.  We can arrange for specialists in the area of interest
to you, to come to your practice and teach you hands-on with your patients, during your normal business hours, all the information you would learn from a seminar where you spent a few days away from home and office, losing the revenue of your patients and inconveniencing your life.  

Now, you can learn many modalities that you have been putting off, simply because you can't get away.   We contract with the best in the business to bring you the top practitioners on the subject you want to learn.  

The best parts:
  • No travel for you

  • No loss of revenue from your practice

  • You learn on your patients, within your paradigm of practice, using the resources you have on hand and are used to using

  • Dedicated one on one instruction with the instructor who is a board certificed physician and an expert in the field of study they are teaching you

  • A fraction of the cost, when you include your lost practice revenue, your travel and the cost of the training

Contact AltMedND today to inquire about the services we have to offer and the training you are most interested in acquiring.  If there is a training you are interestesd in, but it is not listed below, please contact us, as we have a great network of physicians who offer a wide variety of specialites to meet all your needs.  

A sample of the trainings are listed below:
  • Prolotherapy

  • PRP  (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy

  • Homeopathic injection therapy

  • Biopuncture 

  • Trigger point injections 

  • IV therapies - integrative/nutritional IVs for all types of disease states and conditions & UV blood therapies 

  • Aesthetic injections

  • Aesthetic laser use (multiple different lasers and procedures)
        Everything you need to know to integrative aesthetic medicine into your practice

  • Neural therapy 

  • Pulse Electromagnetic Frequency therapy (PEMF)

  • Ozone therapy, Prolozone injections & other oxidative medicine therapies 

  • Chelation & detoxification therapy

  • Dark field microscopy 

  • Integrative medicine